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Metome – Paper Moon from Asami Ike on Vimeo.

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Dewtone has become one of my favorite labels of 2013 so far, with a string of release in the amazing dub ambient bliss vein. Check out some of them below, and don’t forget to re-listen to Purl and Deflektion’s Growing from last year, still a highlight.

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(Props to DJ HadjiBeats for the image)

There’s a lot of noise recently about trap music. Depending on who you talk to that statement is either very new news or very very old news. I will say that from where I sit in San Francisco it’s definitely something that we DJs debate – what it is, how much it is influencing our already strange permutation of dubstep, and whether or not it’s interesting (the answer is usually “it’s good in small to medium doses, if done well”). I’m not here to comment on the legitimacy or illegitimacy of it, for that definitely check Lotic’s take on it, and this quite good overview of where it stands at the end of 2012 from an outsider-(ie non-black, non-southern)-become-insider perspective (when people who co-opt a style start making MORE of it than the original people, at what point do the get to call it their own – ie become an insider?)

My bit to add is A) simply that I find it fun B) I definitely see it everywhere, and there’s a huge nexus of it in LA of all places, and C) that this website, Trap and Bass is kind of an currently addictively fun guilty pleasure of mine. I think it’s totally fascinating and totally appropriate that this musical entity, which is kind of more than a blog but less than a label, is contained entirely within the container of a YouTube and it’s “movie” posts (which aren’t actually movie), descriptions and comments. I mean, where else in 2013 would you put it? YouTube channel as all purpose website made real.

This is from my old buddy UFO! – current favorite. “Don’t get caught in a Trap!”

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Borealis – Seraphim Trailer from Origami Sound on Vimeo.

I would be hard for me to overstate how much I love the Origami Sound project. This is a sort of meta-collective, or meta-label, of artists all over the world dedicated to emotional electronic music. It incorporates several different labels and about 50 artists, only a few of whom I previously knew. It’s run by a Hungarian named Stefan and he’s done a nice interview with A Strangely Isolated Place. There’s no one style of music represented, you’ll find hip-hop, techno, house, ambient, trap, IDM, glitch and many more in there. But the connective tissue is a) super high-quality production b) heavily emotional pieces (ranging anywhere from dark to joyous). Borealis aka Jesse Somfay is what drew me to them, but I’ve found new favorites in Liar, Yvein Monq, Averos, Odd Shapes and Hello Invaders among many others. Definitely worth the time to explore the site and the releases, all of which are available from Bandcamp.

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Rumpistol and Red Baron on Project Mooncircle

Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit – Secret Rhythms 4

The Hidden Agenda Discography

The new Daniel Savio album coming on Dodpop.

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I had a few Shatter Hands tracks from the Outsourced compilations on outlier, but Tinker called my attention back to him – super amazing stuff. ANOTHER Danish producer in my top favs at the moment.

And in case you had any doubts, this is AWESOME:

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I just came back from Hawaii. Man, that’s a pretty place. And strikingly diverse. And there’s a lot of stories I could tell about my time there, but I’ll keep it brief. We played at Source Maui. It’s Maui’s regional burn (that is, a burning man type event that sometimes, though not always, serves as a fund-raiser / prep time for larger camps). It happened here:

Photo by Elias Arjan

Pretty, right? And here’s what the camp looked like when it was all starting out (the big white dome in the back is the main stage).

Photo by Elias Arjan

And after several days of rain and 1000 pairs of feet tredding back and forth, it ended up looking like this:

Photo by JJ Stafford

Pretty amazing, right? And it was STILL an awesome time.

My Oubys record came in the mail today. This is the guy I wrote about for my last Create Digital Music post. I think it’s the first piece of vinyl I’ve received in several years. The Substance mix is incredible.

Jason Forrest’s Network Awesome has relaunched! Dope curated TV from experts in the weird and wonderful. Check it out!

Also, my man Alex DFRNT is running and Indiegogo campaign to raise money to turn his album forthcoming on Echodub into a vinyl and CD (so far it’s only ever been a digital label). Help him out!

DFRNT – Fading – IndieGoGo Project Pitch from DFRNT on Vimeo.

Awesome new collaboration from My Panda Shall Fly and Benjamin Jackson. Super glisten-y:

Finally, been going back and collecting old Monolake stuff. His website is actually a trove of great wonderful releases and points you to his entire discography. Currently listening to the Layering Buddha Live mix from 2008 – was lucky enough to see a performance of this at Mutek07, still stays with me. Download for free from his website.

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Readers know that I have a thing for both Echodub and Cut, Alex DFRNT’s two impeccably designed and curated labels. That’s not to say that I think every single release is flawless or exactly up my ally, but the overall quality is VERY high and in terms of showing the world how to run two slightly different but similar labels, I think Alex is truly on point.

His free label, Cut, reached its 10th release today, the first release on the label by Alex himself, the Actaeon EP. It explores his take on the Autonomic sound I’ve been writing about, although Alex’s approach is decidedly maximal as opposed to minimal. But you still have great tricky rhythms going on. And, like always, it’s free! Supremely good stuff.

And, on a flipped note, a venerable DnB producer, Makoto, who has spent years making liquid DnB, the precursor to some of the Autonomic sound (or at least the flourishes) has done a release for the very strong french minimal tech-y dubstep label 7even Recordings, run by the awesome F. Check out the inverse below.

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Been chilling this week with Kuhn of Astro Nautico. Totally awesome guy who’s been catching me up on what it’s like to be in the NYC music scene in 2012, what Williamsburg is like now, and his ideas on beats, politics, running a label, and doing an awesome job of conveying that he doesn’t give a f*** while very strongly giving a f*** about everything that matters. If you haven’t heard his Slime Beach single, check it! (below is a bunch of his tunes that he edited together)

Astro Nautico is a pretty awesome headtrip of a non-label – “We don’t do ANYTHING a label should do” Kuhn told me. Except that they make dope music available for free! There are two other label boses. One is Paul Jones (who’s responsible for this incredibly awesome piece of trippyness – “That dude has way more friends online than he does in real life” – Kuhn) including:

Seriously, this guy is my blogging hero, I WISH I was that cool. Obey City is the third member of the core crew, and I know less about his music, but check this awesome remix he did of the Teegan and Bunny forgotten 80s classic Cars That Go Boom.


All of their stuff can be found on their bandcamp page, definitely check both them and the artists they’ve featured (like RAJA) out. They’re all playing in LA tonight this week, so check that out if you’re there.

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San Francisco now has Bungalows, apparently. Tonight! Should be fun, I’m on at 11. Got a good set of some classics (lots of Baltimore Club) and some new stuff. This is the promoter’s first party, happy to support and be a part of it!

Other stuff that’s been on my mind (lots of charts and graphics) include this fascinating chart of “Influencers” on Soundcloud – Would be super interested to know how they came up with their formula.

Little study put together by Root Music. Note that only 3% of bands on facebook consider themselves electronic! And this isn’t a case of misclassification, people categorize themselves! My world is very very very small.

Finally, I’ve been meaning to do a post about PROTECT-IP / SOPA and fortunately it’s been pushed off till January but this is still an issue near and dear to my heart. Awesome letter here from the 100 or so people that basically built the internet/web/networks of today about what a bad idea it is. Check it out, brought to you by the EFF, of course.

Best of list coming tomorrow, and possible also the final mix of the year if I can get it together!

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