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Help The Sight Below replace his gear

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Not only have I spent hours and hours listening to this man’s music, I’ve even had the fortune to have a personal connection to him as well – this would be hard for anyone, but for Raf/The Sight Below, it stings me double because he’s such a great individual. Hopefully out of fire will come the phoenix, but in the mean time, send him a little love (in this case, in the form of dolla$$).

Ain TheMachine interview

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Interview I did with Diego Ain aka Ain TheMachine – up now at Create Digital Music.

“After, when I started to produce, I realized I’d need to create my own sounds. At that moment I also discovered Lars Von Trier and Dogma Cinema. That called to me, that what he did to stand out in the very competitive market of cinema was to create rules that limited his work. I grew up with limitations, so for me was very natural work that way, and I realized that I should create my own rules to limit my work and that would lead me to a β€œnew” sound.” — Ain TheMachine

Mute Speaker’s Radio Bokor out now

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You KNOW it’s a happy day when Mute Speaker puts out a new album! Rob’s first full release after moving to Cambodia – perfect fleshed out fusion between his beat sensibilities and all the new sounds he’s picking up in his new home. Free as always – this man is a saint for all the free awesome music he gives the world (though I’m sure he won’t say know if you drop some cheddah on him!)

New A Quiet Bump – Voodoo Tapes

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Always always always a happy day when there’s a new A Quiet Bump out. Basically my gold standard for what a net label could be before there was bandcamp, and now doing great things with bandcamp. Italian Dub through and through, a beautiful melding of echo and glitch.

Tapes – Finding full length out

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Tapes is TRULY one of my favorite producers of 2013/2014 – and there’s whole album out of new material from August. FOR FREE!!!! I swear to you, this guy should be in people’s top 10 lists. This is a man who brilliantly combines synths, trap, beats, samples, hi-gloss feelings with a level of quality that no one else is doing these days. And repping the south while he’s at it! 5 stars, truly.


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I’m not sure this has a place in my current sets but it’s SUPER fun and basically Fulgeance can make music of any type and it’d be stellar. YouTube audio quality doesn’t do it justice either. Look for it Oct 6th on Musique Large.

This one I can totally get behind as well.