King Deluxe is one year old

Got a message from PK this AM that not only had the Runner EP that I mentioned below just come out, but it’s in fact the label’s birthday! And to celebrate they’ve put together a compilation of both old and new tracks. With killer art as always. Realizing just how meaningful this label has been to me over the last year, introducing me to Vaetxh, Woulg, Fancy Mike, Alphabet’s Heaven and a ton of other great artists. Check the stunning video for Vaetxh’s Mass by Henning Lederer.

MASS from Henning M. Lederer on Vimeo.
I’m heading out to play at SVRocks right now, But don’t forget to tune in to Tom Ravenscroft’s show on BBC6 tomorrow at 2100h in the UK and 1PM here on the West Coast. My 20 minute I made for him is being broadcast during that time!

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