A Shocking Kickoff

Hello, is this internet thing on?… Mic check, one, two…

Greetz and such. After lying dormant for nearly three years, and with one false start about a year ago, kidkameleon.com is finally up and running and looks like a website. It’ll be the home for links to my mixes, links to other peoples tracks and mixes, links to other great people in the music world and beyond, and general musings on the state of music today. Often this will include thoughts on musical styles I’m into at the moment, such as dubstep/grime, ragga-jungle, drumfunk jungle, dancehall, dub, gospel, and, as always, Steely Dan. But, hey, everything’s fair game.

To get things started propa, here’s a mix of mine for the Shockout label that’s been a couple months in the making and is finally done and online.

Shockout is:

“..a Tigerbeat6 sublabel focused on crossbreeding dance and electronic music with raw, influential elements of ragga, jungle, dub and soundsystem culture. Inspired by the leftfield dancehall of Ward 21, Vybez Kartel, Lenky, Remarc, Congo Natty and Bad Company’s best releases, the excitement of DJ Rupture’s early ragga / IDM / breakcore mashups, and Razor X (the seminal pairing of Kevin Martin’s Bug project and the Rootsman’s Third Eye label), Shockout specializes in strictly original music and exclusive vocals, hot, vital electronic producers and maverick MCs.”

Heres the website.

The mix Kid606 asked me to do eventually sprawled to over 94 minutes and so I broke it into two sections, Absolutely Shocking and Even More Shocking. Please, download, distribute, Limewire, Kazaa, SoulSeek, bittorrent, whatever the mix to as many people as possible. That’s how good music spreads.

The track listing is below, and I’ve tried to include some links to some artists and labels who donated tracks for the mix or were otherwise encouraging. (Track list is in the form of Artist – Track [Mix] (Label) )

Absolutely Shocking

Mystical Influence – Dub Plate Pressure (Vinyl Syndicate)

Shadetek – Yoga Riddim (Shockout)

Debaser – Foundation Sound (Unsigned)

Ghislain Poirier feat. Daddy Screw – Be Strong (Shockout)

Shy FX feat. MC Det – Nuh Ease Up (Simple Tings)

Debaser – Crazy Baldheads (Mashit Dub)

Nucleus and Paradox – Neoteric (Esoteric)

Golden Gate Quartet – Shadrack (Columbia)

Splash – Babylon [Trace Remix] (Dee Jay)

Don Carlos – Lazer Beam (Trojan)

Dubblestandart – Return from Planet Egalica [Fatsquad] (Select Cuts)

T.O.K. – Let it Shine (South Rawkas)

Ward 21 – Player Haters (South Rawkas)

Capleton – Real Hot (South Rawkas)

Predator – Mad Sick (South Rawkas)

Cecile – Hot Like We (South Rawkas)

Hellfish – Professional Psycho (Deathchant)

Hellfish and Producer – Rude Attitude (Planet Mu)

Nena – 99 Red Balloons [English] (Epic)

David Last – Badlands (Agriculture)

Timeblind feat. Wayne Lonesome – Come Back Wicked (Shockout)

DJ C feat. Gregory Issacs – Gone a Jail [DJ C Mix] (Shockout Dub)

Wayne and Wax feat. Dami D & Wasp – A it Dat [DJ C It Dat] (Mashit)

Mia – Galang (XL Recordings)

cry.on.my.console – Superlangalang (Unreleased)

Unknown – Super Mario Bros. [Remix] (Unreleased)

Coco Brovas – Super Brooklyn Instr. (Priority)

Laid Back – White Horse (Sire)

Harold Faltermeyer – Axel F (MCA)

Donna Summer – Dragon Attack [dev/null Remix] (Omeko)

Unknown – Danger Rub and Dub (Muck)

Mochipet – Minimal Gangsta Rap (Unreleased)

Zumjay – Movin’ up the Line (H2O)

T.O.K. – Fire Fire (Fire Links)

Ove-Naxx – Miborounin (Soot)

Kid606 – Bonus Beat One (Peace Off)

Mystical Influence – Dub Plate Pressure (Vinyl Syndicate)

Gang Related – Not Not (Dope Dragon)

3 the Hardway – Smooth Operator (Dope Dragon)

Glamour Gold – You can Run (Philly Blunt)

Shy FX – This Style Relick [Shy FX and Krust Remixes] (Ebony)

LL Cool J – My Radio (Def Jam)

Nelly – Ei Ei (Universal)

Cutty Ranks – Mi Nah Backdown (Massiv B)

Ninja Man – Murder Dem (VP)

Potential Bad Boy – Keep it Movin’ (S.O.U.R.)

Craig Mack – Flava in your Ear (Bad Boy)

Even More Shocking

Craig Mack – Flava in your Ear (Bad Boy)

DJ/rupture feat. Sister Nancy – Little More Oil (Tigerbeat 6)

Stereotyp vs. Al’Haca feat. Lady Saw – Lately (Klein)

Ward 21 – Game (Mentally Disturbed)

Mutamassik – Interlude for Grampa [a’ala Geddu Instr] (Sound Ink)

M, Sayyid – The Ills (Sound Ink)

Timbaland and Magoo – Can We do it Again (Universal)

Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell – Drop it Like it’s Hot (Interscope)

Shadetek feat. Red Dragon – Gal you no Beg (Shockout)

Drop the Lime feat. Red Dragon – Gal you no Beg (Shockout)

Koda Kumi feat. Clench and Blistah – Teaser (Avex)

Mark 1 – The Bomb (Southside Dubstars)

Drop The Lime feat, Wayne Lonesome – Tribute to Tiger (Shockout)

Markus Wormstorm feat. Sibot – The Real Estate Agents (Sound Ink)

Dizzee Rascal feat Marga Man – Girls (XL Recordings)

Skepta – Panorama (White)

Timbaland feat. Missy Elliot – Up Jumps the Boogie (Blackground)

NS10 – Sweet Soul [Plasticman remix] (Tuned Plastic)

Tom Waits – Clap Hands (Island)

Vex’d – Pop Pop (Subtext)

Hawerchuk – Cameltoe (Planet Mu)

Smokey Joe – Gimmie my Gun (Labello Blanco)

DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Walking on Sunshine (Slammin’ Vinyl)

Istari Lasterfahrer – Love Style (Stoopid Plastics)

X Project – Ghetto Geddon [Dub Mixed] (Congo Natty)

Slaughter Mob vs. Search and Destroy – Dub Weapon (Soulja)

K.W. Griff – Big Dummy [Orig and Remix] (Quiet Records)

EggFooYoung – B-Boys Take Control (Touchin’ Bass)

John Williams – Cantina Band (20 Century Fox)

DJ Zebra – Boombastic in the Name of (Unreleased)

Prisoners of Technology – Sweet Vibrations (Fresh Kutt)

Typecell – Astrocubic [Kemal Remix] (Protogen)

Basement Jaxx feat. Dizzee Rascal – Lucky Star [Dillinja mix] (XL Recs)

DJ Zinc – Reach Out [Remix] (True Playaz)

8 Frozen Moduals feat. Daddy Screw – Be Strong (Shockout)

Conquering Lion – Power of Trinity (Zion)

Mystical Influence – Dub Plate Pressure (Vinyl Syndicate)

Capone – Massive (Hard Leaders)

Cycom – Rude Boy [LXC Remix] (Alphacut)

Com.A feat. Wicked Act – No Heathen (Shockout)

Equinox – Acid Rain [Breakage Century 74 Remix] (Inperspective)

Philip Roebuck – Last Fair Deal (One Man Band Recordings)

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  • DQ says:

    this mix is bonkers. ruff selection… big up yr-self!

  • paul autonomic says:

    Welcome to the sphere Kid-K. Really nice post and mixes. And massive repsect for kicking things off with the Dub Plate Pressure. Are you in TO?

  • paul autonomic says:

    Er, I guess yr in Oakland then.

  • luca lucarini says:

    big up T.O., raspekh.

  • Anonymous says:

    HOTT BLAMN this is good!

    Adesh y Lara

  • Anonymous says:

    this rules the school. seriously. much respect my friend, my speakers are bouncin.

  • jack smiley says:

    just finished listening to the first half– this mix kills. nice job. props for the red balloons & "murder dem"…

  • kidkameleon says:

    Cheers to all! Thanks for the encouraging words.

    I’m glad someone likes the 99 redballoons … I played that as the last song of a set for some hardcore breakcore headz in Leip(move)zig, and one guy was
    about ready to tear me limb from limb. BUT, the bartender loved it, and that’s always the
    ultimate test, cause they hear so much crap.

  • Anonymous says:

    Word, thanks for posting this mix. I’m stoked to know that there’s a label out there bringing all these disparate pieces together…I thought I was the only freak who would rock Shy FX AND Nena. Big up dis ya sound!

  • kidkameleon says:

    Shockout’s the bomb, what can I say? And we freaks are few and far between. Get in touch (e-mail at the top of the site). Where you at?

  • John says:

    hi, that vex’d track in the second half of mix is called ‘pop pop’. canyon is on the flip.

  • kidkameleon says:

    Yr right, thanks for catching that. I strive for accuracy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mindblowingly groovy shit bruvva! I could never believe that no one was doing this shit…but they were and I just had no idea!! heh

    Fun eclectic mashin, me likes

    – fltr –

  • Stevyn says:

    awesome mix & selection! I played the first 20 mins of part one on the radio (kgnu) in boulder/denver a few nights ago.

    Downloading part two now.



  • Anonymous says:

    top selection mate. We need more eclecticism in DJing in the UK at the moment.

  • mbC says:

    new favorite headphones music for mountain biking… you had me giggling like a schoolgirl and riding like a bat outta hell. It takes a lot to do both. Respect.

  • Anonymous says:

    disgustingly good

  • kidkameleon says:

    Thanks all! Pitchfork is the gift that keeps on giving. I do this all for the music and the people involved with it, so keep the ears open!

  • Anonymous says:

    this is sick mix. best i’ve heard of type

  • Matthew says:

    Word! The freshest thing I have heard in a VERY long time…. Obviously you rock (Tom Waits in the hizzouse). Keep keepin’ on, and thanks for making the world a funkier Universe! again, Word!

  • Eft says:

    I’ve played them on my internet station 32meg.


  • Anonymous says:

    you make me cry.

  • kidkameleon says:

    Gosh, I hope it was in a good way, or at least in a way that was good at the time.